Azura - Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builder

Welcome to Azura - Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builder

A simple Drag and Drop pagebuilder that help you build a Joomla website in a few minutes without coding knowledge required.

Azura – Joomla Pagebuilder new version 2.0 – new look and new features. Stable and very easy to use version.

Azura Pagebuilder for Joomla will save you tons of time working on the site content. Now you’ll be able to create complex layouts within minutes! It’s build on top of the modern technologies – get the best for your lovely website!

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend fighting with [shortcodes]? No more trial and errors with “shortcodes magic” – Azura Pagebuilder will take care of that. 35+ built-in elements so you can easily create your page within few minutes.

You can also save current page or page section element as templates for later used.

100% Responsive with new Responsive setting tab

Compatible with Joomla 3.2+.

Finally thanks for selecting Azura

To install Azura, simply go to Extensions Manager from then Back-end Extensions menu then browse to the plugin ziped file in your download folder. Next, click to Upload & Install button.

Next browse Plugin Manager then enable Search - Azura plugin to make Azura pages searchable.

You need to config the default plugin setings before start to build new page. It will suit your need.

Click to Options button on the top right from the manager screen. In Pagebuilder tab you can choose expand or not elements container for back-end builder.

In configuration screen Pages tab, includes settings apply for page layouts unless they are changed for a specific menu item.

Category tab includes settings apply for Pages Category Options.

List Layout tab includes settings List Layouts Options.

The Azura contains 35+ elements that allow you build any type of content on your page. Or you can easily create and edit your new one with our plugin system.

Elements List

  1. Row
  2. Text Bloc
  3. Separator
  4. Separator Text
  5. Message Box
  6. Facebook Like
  7. Twittername Button
  8. Tweeter Feeds
  9. Google+ Button
  10. Pinterest
  11. Single Image
  12. Image Gallery
  13. Image Carousel
  14. Tabs
  15. Tour
  16. Accordion
  17. Articles Grid
  18. Articles Slider
  19. Joomla Module
  20. Flex Slider
  21. Button
  22. Button 2
  23. Call To Action
  24. Video Player
  25. Google Map
  26. Raw HTML
  27. Raw JS
  28. Flickr Widget
  29. Google Map
  30. Progress Bar
  31. Pie Chart
  32. Empty Space
  33. Custom Heading
  34. Contact Form
  35. AJAX Login
  36. And more…

In Version 2.0 to include any element to your page need wrap them in Row/Column element.

Row / Column

For Template Developer, you can create new shortcode layout (named with azurarow- prefix. ex: azurarow-newlayout.php) in /Root\templates\your-template\html\com_azurapagebuilder\plugin\shortcodes_template folder. Then it will show up in Shortcode Layout field.

In Style tab you can making Margin, Padding, Border and Background style for this element.

Column Config

In Column configuration window you will have Responsive tab that allow you setting up your column view in different devices (Desktop, Tablet Horizontal, Tablet Vertical or Phone).

Element Config

Create New Page

To create new page, in back-end go to default plugin page (click to Components menu then Azura Page Builder) -> click to New button.

When set Item Associations option in Language Filter plugin you will have Associations tab in the page builder. This tab allow you select page language versions for your language content. For more info about this feature please read this article: MULTILANGUAGE IN 3.0.2 WHAT'S NEW?

Create Azura Menu Items

From version 2.0 when page category was implemented you can create menu item for Page Categoris, Category and Single Page view.

To create Azura menu items in Menu Manager: Menu Items click to New button:

  1. It can be easy customizable with shortcode layout system. Just create new one in theme folder then override the original.
  2. It can be easy customizable with custom CSS style, you can give it any shape you want.
  3. Easily create and edit new one element.

You can create multilangual website using this Azura Joomla Plugin. Watch the video and external link bellow for more infomations in setting up your multi language site.

After building your page if you need make new page for other language just Save then page as New one then translate it content.

When our plugin using static language text for some field so that you can using Joomla Language Override feature to translate the text value. All language constants can be found in \Root/language/en-GB/com_azurapagebuilder.ini file for front-end and \Roo/administrator/language/en-GB/com_azurapagebuilder.ini and com_azurapagebuilder.sys.ini files for back-end view.

For more details about language override feature please read this article: Joomla Override Language.

I've used the following items.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this Joomla plugin. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. If you have a more general question relating to the plugins/scripts on codecanyon, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.